The app-free, card-free loyalty rewards program.

Designed for every business and every shopper.

Wilbur is a new, ultra-simple loyalty program designed for busy business owners who don’t have extra time to spend managing a loyalty program and shoppers who don’t want another registration form to fill out, card to carry, or app to download. It’s customer-friendly and easy for your employees to use.



Wilbur is perfect for businesses who want results without investing time and energy training employees and analyzing data.

customer friendly


Wilbur is totally free for members. Join in seconds with a single text message and start earning rewards at multiple businesses.


Totally Customizable

Create your own point system, set unique reward levels, and customize the text notifications your customers receive when they earn points.

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Why Wilbur?

The recipe for loyalty success.

Not all loyalty programs are designed to deliver results. Driven by over 20 years of loyalty program experience and market research, Wilbur is designed with the key traits of a successful loyalty program.

How Wilbur Works

Wilbur uses phone numbers and SMS texts—no app to download and no card to carry. Anyone with a cell phone can participate.

No-Fuss Setup

Starting a loyalty program has never been so simple.

You can start rewarding your best customers today. We make it quick and easy to create a program that fits your business. No equipment necessary.

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