About Wilbur

Wilbur is a new, ultra-simple loyalty program designed for busy business owners who don’t have extra time to spend managing a loyalty program and shoppers who don’t want another registration form to fill out, card to carry, or app to download. It’s customer-friendly and easy for employees to use. Shoppers join Wilbur by sending their first name to the Wilbur number. They earn points by giving their phone number to cashiers during check out. Texts with updated point balances and reward notifications are sent automatically with absolutely no mobile marketing.


When shoppers join Wilbur, they can start earning points at all participating Wilbur businesses. Signage at participating locations lets shoppers know they can use their phone number to earn rewards by shopping there. Wilbur keeps it simple and automatically tracks a separate point balance for every customer at each participating business. Wilbur gives customers a consistent experience at all participating businesses, with no restrictions on the rewards each merchant can offer to Wilbur members. Business owners benefit from increased participation because customers know what to expect, while keeping the ability to create and control their own programs.


Wilbur For Businesses

Learn more about how a Wilbur Rewards program uniquely benefits businesses of all industries and sizes.

Wilbur For Shoppers

Wilbur offers shoppers benefits unlike any other loyalty program. Learn more about what makes Wilbur better.