Why Wilbur Works


Not all loyalty programs are designed to deliver results. In fact, the average household in the United States is part of 30 different loyalty programs, but 54% are inactive (Colloquy Loyalty Census). Driven by over 20 years of loyalty program experience and market research, Wilbur is designed with the key traits of a successful loyalty program. As a result, customer participation is high and required program management is low.

A clear program structure makes it simple to understand.

Wilbur works the same at every participating business: shoppers just give their phone number and earn points. Real-time point balances and reward levels are sent by text so shoppers always know how far they have to go before they get a reward.

Few rules and limited exceptions keep customers happy.

Rewards don’t expire and there are no tricky program limitations and hidden exceptions. Shop at local businesses, earn points, and spend rewards — that’s it.

Keeping it ultra-convenient and fast encourages participation.

There’s no app to download and no card to carry. Registration is fast and simple. Shoppers don’t have to hand over lots of personal data — just a first name — and there are absolutely no annoying mobile marketing blasts.

Employees need very little training, making it easy to implement.

Employee training is quick and straightforward. Plus, member registration is totally automated, so there’s no data entry for employees to manage. Wilbur allows you to easily track results, but without any ongoing program management.

It’s easy for customers to join and interact with the program.

Anyone with a cell phone can participate. Shoppers join in seconds by sending one text. Once registered, they can earn rewards at multiple businesses.

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