Wilbur for Shoppers

One text registers you everywhere. No app to download, no card to carry.


Wilbur uses phone numbers and SMS texts — no app or plastic cards. Anyone with a cell phone can participate.

It’s simple and designed for shoppers who want to earn rewards at their favorite businesses, but don’t want another registration form to fill out, card to put in their wallet, or app to install.

With only your cell phone number, you earn rewards at all participating locations. One text message registers you to earn rewards everywhere. At each business you’ll have a separate point balance and separate rewards, and our system tracks it all automatically.

Member Benefits


Wilbur is totally non-invasive and consumer-friendly. There’s no app to download and no card to carry. You don’t have to hand over lots of personal data — just your first name.

● Join in seconds by sending one text.
● Register once, earn rewards at multiple businesses.
● Anyone with a cell phone can participate.
● No annoying mobile marketing blasts.

Wilbur works the same at every participating business, making it easy to earn rewards wherever you shop.


Join Wilbur with your first name and one text. No other personal data collected and no mobile marketing blasts.

Earn Points

Earn points at all participating locations with just your phone number. Updated point balances are sent in real-time via text.

Get Rewards

You’ll get a notification when rewards are ready to use. Just use your phone number to spend your reward value.

How It Works


To join Wilbur, just text your first name to the Wilbur number. No lengthy forms to fill out. No annoying marketing messages. Opt out at any time.


To earn rewards, give your phone number to the cashier during checkout (in stores or online) at any Wilbur participating business.


Our system automatically tracks separate rewards for each store you visit, but you use the same number everywhere. You’ll receive text messages with an updated point balance only when you earn points or rewards.


Rewards are stored with your phone number. To redeem rewards, just give your phone number to the cashier and the reward value will be taken off your purchase.

Ready to join?

Just text your first name to 888-303-1175.