Customizing Your Wilbur Rewards Program


There are three main types of Wilbur loyalty programs: instant reward, graduated rewards, or rebates. Once you determine which type of program you want to have, you can customize the details: how and when customers earn points and rewards; how many points are earned per dollar or per visit; and whether or not you want to offer any “extra point” promotions.

Instant Reward

With this option, customers earn points for every dollar spent or for every visit. When customers earn enough points, they receive an instant cash reward and their points return to zero automatically. Customers use their phone number to pay for their purchase at their next visit. Instant Reward Programs are perfect for the majority of businesses, especially if your business has a simple pricing structure, small ticket items and regular repeat purchases. This type of program easily replaces a punch card, reducing fraud.

Graduated Rewards

Create multiple reward levels and allow Wilbur members to earn bigger rewards when they spend more. Graduated rewards are perfect for businesses with a wide variety of customer spending habits and frequencies. By offering different prize levels, you can keep every customer interested and feeling appreciated.


Every time customers make a purchase, a percentage of their transaction amount is added as cash to their Wilbur account. Since frequency of sales varies over the course of the week, rebate programs are especially well suited for retail businesses. Offer a higher rebate for customers shopping during slower hours and encourage customers to shop in a way that benefits you.

Extra Points

No matter which type of program you choose, you can offer your customers bonus points for shopping during specific time periods. For example, “Earn 3x points every Tuesday between 1 and 4pm.” Bonus point periods encourage customers to shop when you want — especially during slower hours — in a way that benefits you.

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