Wilbur VIP:

A Better Way to Spend Marketing Dollars


Wilbur VIP allows you to invest your marketing dollars where they’ll make the biggest impact: directly with your customers.


Traditional marketing methods can be expensive and time-consuming, and often don’t pay off. Studies show that email blasts and direct mail campaigns often have very low response rates–usually around 1-3%.


With Wilbur VIP, the marketing dollars you would have spent with an outside company are offered in the form of a cash reward to your customers.

How it Works


Every month (or however often you’d like) all your loyalty members get a dollar reward to spend before the month is over.


At the beginning of your reward cycle, loyalty customers will get a text letting them know they have a reward to redeem and they’d better hurry to use it before it expires!


It’s all completely automatic. Rewards are loaded and sent automatically at the beginning of the month (or your preferred schedule)¬†and reset automatically at the end of the month. That’s it!


Wilbur VIP saves you money and time in a few different ways. First, cash value (in the form of rewards) is “virtual” until redeemed by customers. When you spend money on postcards, door hangers or email blasts, that money is real and¬†really gone for good.


With Wilbur VIP, the only money “spent” is on customers who redeemed their reward and came into shop with you. Even better, when they do redeem their rewards, they’re 1) almost always spending more than the reward value and 2) bringing friends and family who spend extra money, too.

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