Frequently Asked Questions

How do customers join Wilbur?

Customers join Wilbur by texting their first name to a business’s Wilbur number. They can also text the main Wilbur number: 888-303-1175. No forms to fill out, no personal data collected.

Do customers need a smartphone to participate?

Nope! No smartphone required. Any cell phone that has text messaging will work with Wilbur.

Do customers really only have to send a single text to participate in multiple Wilbur rewards programs?

It’s true — just one text, and each shopper is a member at all participating businesses. No need to join each program separately — when members see the Wilbur logo, they know they can just give their phone number to earn rewards.

Is there a Wilbur card or app?

Nope! Wilbur is so simple, there’s no card to carry or app to download. Extensive research shows consumers prefer text messages to apps or cards. However, if there is demand for either, Wilbur can quickly create an app or card.

If customers give Wilbur their cell phone numbers, do they have to worry about getting a bunch of marketing calls or texts?

No. With Wilbur, there are absolutely no marketing calls or text blasts. Customer phone numbers are not sold or used for mobile marketing purposes ever. Shoppers only receive texts with their updated point balances and reward notifications.

Can anyone who knows a customer’s phone number redeem those rewards without that person knowing?

No. If someone tried to use a customer’s rewards, the customer would be notified immediately because Wilbur sends customers a text anytime rewards are redeemed using their phone number. If you suspect this has happened, please contact 888-494-9760 immediately and we will resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

How do customers know where they can earn points with Wilbur?

Look for the Wilbur logo in store windows or in the checkout line. Wilbur provides signage to participating businesses that they can display to show customers they can earn points when shopping there. A list of all participating businesses is coming soon to

Because each merchant has its own Wilbur phone number, do customers need to know which number is associated with each business to keep track of rewards?

Each text shoppers receive will show the business name in the text message body, so shoppers don’t have to keep track of which number belongs to which business.

What happens if a customer changes phone numbers?

Give us a call or send us an email. We’ll make the switch so customers can use their new phone number, but keep all their existing rewards.

Is there any way to check a balance via text?

Yes, customers can text Wilbur to receive their current balance. Updated point balances are also sent in real-time via text. Unless they text Wilbur to request a balance, customers will only receive text messages with updated point balances when they earn or redeem points or rewards.

How do customers redeem their rewards?

Customers just give their phone number to the cashier to redeem rewards or points. Then they will receive a text message confirming that the reward was redeemed.

How can a cashier confirm that the customer has the right reward balance before redeeming points or rewards?

If the cashier would like to confirm the customer has the right number of points or cash rewards, they just have to enter the phone number into the Wilbur terminal/website and run a balance check.

Can businesses customize Wilbur?

Yes, every business can create and control its own unique rewards program through Wilbur. Business owners can create their own point systems, set unique reward levels, and even customize the text notifications their customers receive when they earn points. They may also choose to offer “bonus point” time periods to boost sales during slow periods.

Does a participating business have to honor the rewards customers earn at all other participating Wilbur businesses?

No. Wilbur is not a “coalition loyalty” program (this means that points are earned at multiple businesses and rewards are spendable everywhere). Unlike many other loyalty programs, Wilbur point balances are specific to each business.

Can all Wilbur participants see how many points customers have at each participating business?

No, each business’s Wilbur data is protected. Merchants only have access to the point balances of their own customers, specific to their establishment.

What equipment does a business need to use Wilbur?

Wilbur doesn’t require any additional equipment and employee training is fast. Wilbur is certified with over 140 point-of-sale systems and credit card terminals, so there’s a good chance Wilbur works on the equipment a business already uses to process credit cards. We also offer a free online portal and smartphone/tablet app to accept Wilbur.

How do businesses promote their Wilbur loyalty program?

We send each Wilbur business a welcome package with all the promotional materials they need to make their Wilbur program a success. Business can display these materials to build awareness and attract new customers.

Do businesses have to display the Wilbur signage?

Wilbur signage helps shoppers know where they can earn rewards, but businesses can choose not to display the signage if they prefer. We’re happy to provide our logo to any business that would like to co-brand signage and other promotional materials.

Why is a business better off using Wilbur than these big data alternatives that provide more insights into customer behavior?

With over 20 years of loyalty program experience and research data, we’ve learned that collecting lots of customer data isn’t what makes a loyalty program successful. The way a program is designed is what’s important. Wilbur is designed with key traits of a successful loyalty program which maximizes customer participation and minimizes the program management required of participating businesses.

What makes a loyalty program successful?

The best loyalty programs are customer-friendly, have a clear program structure, very few rules, frequent rewards and no redemption tricks or expiring rewards. In addition, they are fast and convenient for customers and businesses alike, making it easy for both to interact with the program, and they require very little employee training or program management.

It seems like lots of companies are getting hacked lately — what if Wilbur gets hacked?

Part of what makes Wilbur different (and safer) is that it collects the minimum amount of data necessary — just a first name and a phone number– making it very privacy friendly. Our databases are secure, but in the unlikely event that Wilbur’s databases were hacked, the hackers would only be able to see is a list of cell phone numbers and first names.

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